Attention Florida Physicians

  Attention Florida Physicians, Insurance Innovations  can write your malpractice insurance. We have many carriers to choose from and one of these carriers is Physicians Insurance Company.   Physicians Insurance Company is nationally recognized as a preferred physician professional liability program.  Their goal is to provide broad coverage, stable competitive rates, unparalleled service and program discounts to preferred […]

Dental Malpractice Insurance: It’s Essential

Dentists across the country work tirelessly as patient advocates, to give patients the care they need and educate them about preventive dental procedures. Stories  abound about dental heroes, who do pro bono work, help during crises and do everything they can for their patients. Still, dental malpractice claims are on the rise. Here are some of […]

Travel Agent Liability Insurance

Travel Agency Errors & Omissions Insurance

What is Travel agency E&O Insurance also known as Travel Agency Errors & Omissions Insurance?       Travel agency errors & omissions insurance also known as travel agency E&O, professional liability or malpractice insurance, protects a travel agent and individuals within its company from client claims and/or lawsuits for inadequate work or negligent actions.  No […]

travel agent insurance

Do I Need Travel Agent Insurance (Errors and Omissions)?

What malpractice insurance is to doctors, errors & omissions (E&O) insurance is to travel agents. Indeed, travel agent insurance (E&O) should be an integral part of your risk-management program. Insurance essentially exists to protect you from the unexpected, and few industries experience unexpected events like travel and hospitality.  Some events arise from circumstances beyond your […]

Medical Malpractice Insurance

Patient Safety – Ten Leading Strategies

    A report published by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), highlights 10 key principles for increasing patient safety. The report says improvements have been made in certain areas, such as falls, central line infections, and surgical complications.  But it also says we have a long way to go in keeping patients safe. The […]

Dental Practice Risk Management

    Patient impressions of their dentist are composites of several impressions formed from the moment they determine they need an appointment until the appointment has ended.  There are several factors influencing these opinions that can be controlled to favor a dentist’s overall image and help with your dental practice risk management.     These include: […]

Dental Malpractice Insurance

Dental Malpractice Insurance and Litigation

When a dentist is sued, it’s not just the dentist’s skills that come into question, it’s also the dentist’s honesty and integrity.

In the infamous case of Dr. Sherri Worth, the “Celebrity Dentist” who was sued for doing a poor job on a patient’s crowns, Dr. Worth’s credibility was as much of a focus of her case as were her skills.

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Malpractice Insurance-What Physicians Must Know

Malpractice Insurance-Do you need it? Malpractice insurance is a necessary expense because it protects a physician and his practice from having to pay the full cost of legal defense in case a patient or their representatives files a malpractice suit.  Malpractice insurance is also know as medical professional liability insurance.  Very few physicians have the […]

Physicians Insurance: Stand Alone Tail Insurance

Physicians Insurance: Stand Alone Tail Coverage

Physicians Insurance that Fills Vital Gaps It’s no secret that America is a litigious society where people have few hesitations about taking their disputes to court. So for physicians the specter of a malpractice suit, whether it has merit or not, hangs constantly over their practice. According to statistics from the National Practitioner Data Bank, […]