Get a Quick and Easy Online Dental Professional Liability Rate Indication

  Click here to get a Quick and Easy Online Dental Professional Liability Rate Indication and apply for coverage.   Insurance Innovations has partnered with Lone Star Alliance RRG.  Lone Star Alliance Risk Retention Group (LSA) is an A rated carrier by AM-Best.  LSA is able to provide flexible superior coverage for individual dental practices.  Our […]

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Physicians Malpractice – Expect the Best

  Physicians Malpractice – Expect the Best What every physician hopes for, when stepping into a room to see a patient, is the best possible outcome for that patient. Family Medicine and Internal Medicine Physicians often form long-term and trusting bonds with patients and their families, yet are the two specialties most often sued for […]

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Malpractice Pitfalls for Dentist and Physicians

Seven Common Malpractice Pitfalls for Dentist and Physicians When a malpractice suit is filed against a Dentist or Physician, claims supervisors evaluate the case and all too often, claims are settled due to faulty communication and documentation practices.  These pitfalls both contribute to the circumstances that may have led to the patient’s injury and hinder […]

Good Dentist Office Communication

Good dentist office communication begins with clear and frequent conversations between the dentist and their staff. Good communication is essential from a risk management perspective.  You should establish communication procedures that promote efficient transmittal of information. This prevents messages that can be overlooked or misinterpreted. You want to create an atmosphere in which your staff […]

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Dentists-Do you have Cyber Liability Coverage?

Does your Dental Professional Liability Insurance have Cyber Liability Coverage? Because dentist hold sensitive patient and employee information on their networks and in their billing records, they are at great risk for network security and privacy-related exposures.  Due to the potential for high cost from these exposures the dentists need Cyber Liability Coverage. Cyber Liability […]

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Even Good Dentist Needs Dental Malpractice Insurance

A dentist in Illinois was sued, after the 92-year-old patient she was treating, swallowed a universal dental driver, that lodged in the patient’s stomach. The suit states that the patient had X-rays, a CT scan and two endoscopies at a local hospital, after leaving the dentist’s office. The instrument was removed, but the lawsuit continues. […]

Managing Patient Complaints and Improving Satisfaction

MANAGING PATIENT COMPLAINTS AND IMPROVING SATISFACTION  The goal of most physicians and dentists is to have their practice operate efficiently.  But we all know patient complaints are inevitable.  Unfortunately not all patient complaints are handled correctly causing unfavorable consequences making complaint management a priority in all practices. WHAT CONFERS TO PATIENT SATISFACTION A patient’s positive […]

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What Does Dental Malpractice Insurance Cover?

Do you need Dental Malpractice Insurance? Consider these perspectives:  As the Medical Malpractice Survival Handbook 2007 put it, “Liability claims for alleged dental malpractice have been somewhat ‘under the radar’ compared to medicine. However, dentists are held to the same set of rules as physicians and other health professionals with regard to the tort of malpractice, the […]

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Dental Charts

    As we stated previously the purpose of the dental chart  is to document a patient’s medical history, describe the conditions requiring treatment, delineate the treatment options given to the patient, and record the treatment rendered details.  Your dental records should reflect the high quality of care you give your patients.     When maintaining […]