Physicians Malpractice Insurance

Physicians Malpractice InsurancePhysicians Professional Liability

For all of its inherent rewards, there is an element of risk in practicing medicine.

Doctors need a dependable and affordable insurance policy that can be trusted to protect their careers as well as their finances, so that they can concentrate on what they do best — treating their patients.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is physicians malpractice insurance?

Medical professional liability, also known as med-mal insurance, covers a physician for alleged errors arising in their practice.

Why do I need physicians malpractice insurance?
Malpractice insurance can provide significant protection against alleged claims that can occur while practicing medicine. These policies generally cover claims for perceived medical errors or neglect and defense costs.

What can I expect to pay for physicians malpractice insurance?
We offer a variety of plans and encourage doctors to use our online application to find an appropriate policy.

Doesn’t my general liability provide the same protection?
No, doctors who carry only general liability insurance will not be protected for malpractice claims.