Urgent Care Center Malpractice

Urgent Care Center Liability Insurance

Urgent-Care-Center-Liability-InsuranceUrgent Care Centers, a hybrid between family and emergency medicine, have become a respected staple in the medical community.

However, because it is high-risk, most family practice policies fail to cover this branch of medicine. Urgent Care Centers and allied healthcare professionals that work for them need a policy that can cover their unique insurance needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is urgent care center malpractice insurance?
Urgent care center malpractice insurance protects urgent care center facilities and the allied healthcare professionals that staff them from claims that can arise while practicing medicine.

Why do I need urgent care center malpractice insurance?
This particular branch of medicine is considered to be higher risk than family practice. Although they may be marginally covered by their center’s policy, Allied healthcare practitioners should obtain their own policies to ensure their assets receive full protection.

What can I expect to pay for urgent care center malpractice?
We offer a variety of options to Urgent Care Centers. Contact us directly during business hours or request a quote through our online form.

Doesn’t my general liability insurance provide the same protection?
No, urgent care centers that carry only general liability insurance will not be protected for malpractice.