Medispa Malpractice Insurance

Medispa Malpractice InsuranceSpa Liability Insurance

Medispa malpractice insurance covers a crucial liability gap for the allied healthcare facility. While most of the procedures performed at these facilities are supervised by medical doctors, and subject to many of the same risks, they are typically not covered by traditional malpractice insurance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is medispa malpractice insurance?
Medispa malpractice insurance covers nonsurgical procedures performed at medical spas. This type of policy typically covers the business, owner and/or medical director but not necessarily the individual practitioners.

Why do I need medispa malpractice insurance?
Procedures performed at medispas are subject to the same risks inherent in traditional medicine. Because medispa treatments occur in a spa-like setting, patients have the tendency to regard them as less serious or risk-free. This misconception can make a medispa even more vulnerable to a potential lawsuit.

What can I expect to pay for medispa malpractice insurance?
Insurance Innovations offers a variety of policies to meet the needs of large and small medispa practices. Contact us directly during business hours or request a quote through our online form.

Doesn’t my general liability insurance provide the same protection?

No, medispa facilities that only carry general liability insurance will not be protected for malpractice.