Physicians Assistant Malpractice

Malpractice-Insurance-Medical-AssistantsPhysicians Assistant Professional Liability Insurance

Due to population growth and a decrease in primary care physicians, the physicians assistant is becoming a more integral part of the allied healthcare workforce.

As their prevalence expands, so does the potential for claims, despite all of their training and expertise.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is physician assistant malpractice insurance?

Physicians assistant malpractice insurance helps physicians assistants recover damages for mistakes that can occur on the job.

Why do I need physician assistant malpractice insurance?
Because PAs work closely with physicians and are frequently named in their lawsuits, we encourage them to obtain their own malpractice policies — even if they are covered by their doctor or hospital. Employer policies don’t always provide complete coverage for their employees.

What can I expect to pay for physician assistant malpractice insurance?

We offer a number of plans for the physicians assistant. Contact us directly during normal business or request a quote through our online form.

What if I already have coverage through my doctor or hospital?
While employer-subsidized policies provide some coverage, they are designed to cover the employer/organization. PAs should obtain their own malpractice insurance to protect their personal assets.

Doesn’t my general liability insurance provide the same protection?
No, physicians assistants who carry only general liability will not be protected for malpractice.