Accountant E&O Insurance

CPA Professional Liability Insurance

CPA Accountant-Liability

Accountants carry a tremendous responsibility as they manage their clients’ financial reporting.

Mistakes can be very costly for them and their clients, and they need a dependable liability policy that can protect them from such errors.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is accountant E&O insurance?
Accountant E&O insurance protects accountants and CPAs from reporting, auditing and other perceived errors that can occur.

Why do I need accountant E&O insurance?
Most CPAs and accountants carry professional liability insurance because legal expenses can add up quickly when claims are made.

What can I expect to pay for accountant E&O insurance?
Premiums are competitively priced with the financial professional in mind. Contact us directly during normal business hours or request a quote through our online form.

Doesn’t my general liability insurance provide the same protection?
No, accountants who carry only general liability are not protected for errors and omissions.