Errors & Omissions Insurance

Errors & Omissions InsuranceErrors & Omissions Insurance, also known as E&O, protects the professional from genuine or perceived mistakes that can occur while conducting business. For example, services may not have been provided or have been incomplete. Or a customer may simply be disatisfied with the level of service they received.

E&O insurance helps the professional navigate all of these situations and can provide a great deal of comfort  and peace of mind in an increasingly complicated and litigious business world.

Accountant E&O Insurance

Accountants carry a tremendous responsibility as they manage their clients’ financial reporting. Mistakes can be very costly for them and their clients, and they need a dependable liability policy that can protect them from such errors.
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Home Inspector E&O Insurance

The scope of services provided by home inspectors creates an environment of vulnerability. Hazards of risks not visible to the naked eye or not thoroughly investigated can leave an inspector open to unforeseen exposures.
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Insurance Agent E&O Insurance

Insurance agents represent many forms of liability coverage and often, many companies providing different benefits of policies. Agents or brokers provide clients with professional advice and service when purchasing coverage.
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Lawyer E&O Insurance

With such demanding careers, attorneys can’t afford the inconvenience of even the most trivial lawsuit. A more serious claim, they understand perhaps better than anyone else, can pose an even greater threat to their reputation, professional and personal assets.
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Mortgage Broker & Banker E&O

There are numerous components involved in processing a loan — all of which could lead to a claim if a customer emerges unsatisfied. The smart mortgage professional recognizes this risk, insuring themselves from any mistakes that can occur during the loan process.
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Tour Operator E&O Insurance

Even tour operators, who map out every detail of a travel package, understand that some things can’t be planned. This reality, coupled with the number of travelers they serve, can make them highly susceptible to lawsuits. Fortunately, this risk can be easily managed with an E&O policy.
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Travel Agent E&O Insurance

While years of training and experience can take the travel professional far, some things, like the weather and airlines, are uncontrollable. Similarly, no travel agent is immune to mistakes that can occur doing business with countless travelers.
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