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Travel Agent Liability Insurance

What is Travel agency E&O Insurance also known as Travel Agency Errors & Omissions Insurance?




Travel agency errors & omissions insurance also known as travel agency E&O, professional liability or malpractice insurance, protects a travel agent and individuals within its company from client claims and/or lawsuits for inadequate work or negligent actions.  No matter how careful you are, or even with the most successful loss control program in place, you will never be able to eliminate the risk of being sued.  The most common risk management technique is risk transfer, and the most common risk transfer mechanism for a Travel Agent or Travel Agency is insurance.

Travel Agency E&O Insurance coverage protects all kinds of travel professionals, such as if a client alleges that they were professionally negligent; failed to perform their professional duties or to fulfill them as promised in their contract; or if their actions of omissions deviate from accepted standards of practice within the travel industry.

Most travel agency E&O Insurance policies have four liability coverage parts with worldwide protection for  qualifying Travel agencies; Tour Operators: Meeting Planners: and Independent Contractors.

  • Coverage A: Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability, including certain Non-Owned and Hired Aircraft and Watercraft
  • Coverage B: Non-Owned and Hired Auto Liability
  • Coverage C: Professional Liability (Errors & omissions)
  • Personal Injury Liability

Some policies have coverage for Host Liquor Liability (except student operators) and Fire Legal Liability with limits of $50,000.

Most policies had additional enhancements available for extended general liability endorsement for contractual liability and premises medical, additional insureds, prior acts for qualifying companies, travel supplier bankruptcy legal liability and advertising injury liability. Coverage is also available for agency that just need professional liability without any additional enhancements.

Contact us to see what coverages are available for your business today or Request a quote for Travel Agency E&O Insurance from Insurance Innovations.  We can also be reached toll free 1-888-871-9096 Ext 5193.  

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Do I Need Travel Agent Insurance (Errors and Omissions)?

travel agent insurance

What malpractice insurance is to doctors, errors & omissions (E&O) insurance is to travel agents. Indeed, travel agent insurance (E&O) should be an integral part of your risk-management program.

Insurance essentially exists to protect you from the unexpected, and few industries experience unexpected events like travel and hospitality.

  •  Some events arise from circumstances beyond your control, from catastrophic weather, cruise ship mishaps and airline delays to a “slip and fall” while on travel.
  •  Conversely, you may be subject to claims of negligence or mistakes within your own services, triggering legal action.

Errors & omissions coverage fills gaps in your protection that general liability doesn’t address.

What is an Error?

Mistakes occur in all professions, and travel is not immune. Imagine booking a flight for a client for the wrong day, or arranging a stay at a hotel that’s closed for renovation. Such errors can not only weaken your reputation, they can trigger legal action should the client wish to prove that the error caused personal or professional damage.

What is an Omission?

Unlike an error, an omission involves a gap in service or professional advice that causes perceived damage. For instance, booking a vacation to an island that is in the path of an oncoming hurricane without informing your client of the risk could be perceived as omission if the client perceives you as an authority.

How Travel Agent Insurance (E&O) Works

Also called professional liability, Travel Agent E&O is designed for professions that provide advice and recommendation as part of their services. Travel agencies fall into this category, as do IT consultants, brokerages, law offices, contracting companies and accounting firms.

A client who holds you or your travel agency personally responsible for perceived negligence or contract disputes tied to your travel services may escalate the complaint to a lawsuit. And even if the claim has no merit, the resulting court action will become very expensive.

  • Your travel agent insurance covers potentially enormous defense costs and negligence awards, as well as personal injury and property damage related to the claim.
  • It does not cover claims tied to false advertising, misquoted pricing, and referrals to doctors.

Finding the Travel Agent Insurance that is Right for You

Obtaining travel agent insurance need not take too much of your valuable time when you work with a leader in protecting travel agencies. Contact us for an application that takes just minutes to complete. .

To learn more, contact Insurance Innovations, where years of proven performance in delivering E&O insurance means you benefit from an experienced staff ready to answer your questions, understand your goals and connect you to the policy that fits your needs and budget best.

Tour Operators: Sunny and Bright and It All Goes Right

Tour operator insurance

One of the most interesting things about being a Tour Operator, is that your clients turn over control of their safety and comfort to you for an hour, a day, a week or more, and trust that you will take care of them for the duration.

The expectations of thousands of travelers are met, every year, by Tour Operators who provide them with new and exciting experiences.

Tour Operators have been able to adapt to on-line competition, rebound from economic slumps and have been growing and bigger and better. Whether the destinations are local or exotic, clients expect things to go well, and they usually do.

When Expectations Aren’t Met

tour operators insurance

Your clients are right to expect certain things from you. You are the expert about the places you will take them; you know the safest areas, where to go and where not to go and what’s hot and what’s not.

Philosophers warn us that, “Expectations are predetermined disappointments” but what Tour Operator would tell a client not to expect too much?

No one really knows what a traveler’s motivation is for taking a particular tour, but  we do know that most tourists want to have fun and maybe learn something new.  It doesn’t seem like much to expect from a Tour Operator… especially after reading what’s promised in a travel brochure or on-line site … but disappointments can lead to frustration and frustration can lead to lawsuits.

Tour Operator Insurance

Some of the most common expectations that aren’t met and lead to lawsuits against Tour Operators are:
insurance for tour company

  • not having a room booked
  • being booked into an unsafe hotel
  • being left in an unsafe area
  • missing an airplane or ship departure
  • injury

Tour Operator Insurance provides coverage, when a case is made, for a real or perceived error or omission.

Even if a claim is ungrounded, and has been brought because of a client’s unrealistic expectations, the claim has to be addressed.

Even one lawsuit can be devastating for a Tour Operator. The cost of defending yourself if a case is made against you is not only financially overwhelming but expensive in terms of time and stress.

Tour Operator Insurance provides you with a team of experts who work on your behalf to protect your livelihood. They have the expertise to take care of the details of a lawsuit, so that you can continue to serve your clients and take care of business as usual.

Tour Operator Insurance That Meets Your Expectations

Every Tour Operator has their distinctive way of doing things and their  unique needs when it comes to Tour Operator Insurance.

At Insurance Innovations, we partner with leading insurance carriers to find you the Tour Operator Insurance Policy that meets your unique needs and that is dependable and affordable.

Our knowledgable staff can give you more information and answer any questions you may have about the Tour Operator Insurance that is right for you.

Click Here for an Instant Quote or contact Insurance Innovations today to speak with a dedicated professional.

Tour Operators in the US Market
Funny Travel Agent Jokes:

Tour Operator Liability Insurance

Tour Operator Liability Insurance

Tour Operators Find Smooth Sailing

Being able to adapt and adjust to new travel trends has helped Tour Operators survive some rough times and begin to see a steady increase in business.

With more US travelers driving rather than flying, Tour Operators have tuned in to the needs and desires of travelers by providing:

  • “Staycations” for travelers who want to stay closer to home and take day trips to local attractions.
  • “Experiential Travel” that focuses on what travelers do, rather than what they see on a trip.
  • “Ecotravel” for those who want an alternative to more commercial venues

Tour Operator Liability InsuranceMany US Travelers say that they use social media as a source of inspiration for  choosing tours and destinations, which has been a boon to many Tour Operators. On-line shopping has also led to a need to educate the public about the difference between getting a “cheap” trip or paying for a trip that will give them real value.

Despite all the changes in travel and the economy, kudos go to Tour Operators who have weathered an economic storm and have come out strong and getting stronger.

Even if a claim is unfounded, it has to be addressed. Finding yourself under the cloud of a potential lawsuit is not only stressful, but can be very expensive to defend.

Protecting Your Business with Tour Operator Liability Insurance

Tour Operator Liability Insurance: Protect Your BusinessTravelers want their money’s worth, and have high expectations about the great time you have planned for them.

What they don’t expect are:

  • Visa/Passport misinformation
  • Unexpected state department notifications
  • Injury
  • Scheduling and Reservation glitches

As careful as you are, the unexpected happens, and even if a situation is unavoidable, a traveler may look to the Tour Operator to place blame. Tour Operator Liability Insurance can protect your business if a claim is made against you.

Even if a claim is unfounded, it has to be addressed. Finding yourself under the cloud of a potential lawsuit is not only stressful, but can be very expensive to defend. Tour Operator Liability Insurance provides you with a team of experts whose job it is to protect your business and deal with the details that are involved in a claim.

Just one claim can be devastating to a Tour Operator. Tour Operator Liability Insurance gives you a safety net that protects you from potential disaster.

Insurance Innovations

Tour Operators are as varied as the services they provide, which makes it important to find Tour Operator Liability Insurance that is tailored to fit your needs and your budget.

Insurance Innovations partners with leading insurance carriers to find the policy that is best suited to your individual Tour Operator functions and activities. We have been working since 1999 to provide medical and business professionals with insurance to protect their livelihoods and their personal lives.

Our experienced and knowledgable staff can answer your questions and give you information about the Tour Operator Liability Insurance plan that will best safeguard your business.

Click Here for an Instant Quote or contact Insurance Innovations today to speak with a dedicated professional.

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Tour Operator Insurance – Errors and Omissions Coverage Is Essential

Tour operator insurance

When most people hear the weather forecaster say, “There’s a ‘small front’ just south of the island but it shouldn’t effect us,” they take a deep breath and relax. But to a Tour Operator, those words signal a ‘red flag’ and time to get going to see how the ‘small front’ will effect travelers.

Many travelers don’t understand that Tour Operators don’t just add their names to a list of people on a tour package, but have to be aware of the weather, potential disasters, political unrest, delays, bookings, schedules, reservations and, these days, economics and environmental and social sustainability.

It’s not hard to imagine how Errors and Omissions can occur, even when everything seems to be in place. Having General Liability Insurance does not cover Errors and Omissions, so Tour Operator Errors & Omissions Insurance is essential when dealing with so many factors that are beyond your control. Despite the fact that you’ve explained to the terms of your service to a client, what they’re responsible for and the conditions of your service, they may still initiate litigation if something goes wrong.

The best travel deals you offer still cost money and clients don’t want to lose any. Even if they know what is expected of them in terms of payments and refunds and they’re made aware of the penalties for amending or canceling a booking, if they default, they may still try to recover costs.

Despite the fact that you’ve explained to the terms of your service to a client, what they’re responsible for and the conditions of your service, they may still initiate litigation if something goes wrong.

Offering clients Travel Insurance and Trip Cancellation/Interruption Insurance and explaining the benefits of travel insurance or cruise line protection plans can save the client, and Tour Operator, a lot of money and grief. But many clients will opt not to get their own insurance. If you discuss insurance options with a client, and they refuse to take the options, it’s a good idea to document the discussion that you had with that client.

Having your policies and conditions in writing is important, as well as making sure the client understands what your policies are. The client may still pursue a lawsuit if they are not happy, but your damages will be mitigated, especially if you have Tour Operator Insurance that covers Errors & Omissions, that is backed by a team of experts who work to take the burden off your shoulders.

Tour Operators InsuranceBeing the recipient of a lawsuit, even if the charges are not warranted, is stressful, and takes valuable time and energy away from the work you want to concentrate on.

So many details go into planning a tour, so many components are involved, that delays, scheduling and reservation mishaps, when they occur, can be perplexing but not totally unexpected, when so many elements of a tour are out of your hands. Most Tour Operators have a “Plan B” for scheduling and reservation mishaps and, hopefully, the damage can be mitigated and litigation avoided. But when a client is injured or experiences property damage, even when the client’s actions or behavior led to the damage, the client can try to recover costs from the Tour Operator.

Cases brought against Tour Operators can be complex, even if, on the surface, they seem straightforward, and appear to be caused by negligence on the part of the tourist. The cases that actually go to litigation are expensive and can be costly for the Tour Operator who is not covered by Tour Operator Errors and Omission Insurance.

Tour Operator Insurance that covers Errors and Omissions is essential. It protects your business, your finances and your peace of mind. Insurance Innovations has provided affordable and dependable policies since 1999. Knowing that a team of experts is available when you need them can make the difference between being in a sea of tranquility or getting caught in a storm.

Click Here for an Instant Quote or contact Insurance Innovations today to speak with a dedicated professional.

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