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Malpractice Insurance-What Physicians Must Know

Physician assistant malpractice insurance

Malpractice Insurance-Do you need it?

Malpractice insurance is a necessary expense because it protects a physician and his practice from having to pay the full cost of legal defense in case a patient or their representatives files a malpractice suit.  Malpractice insurance is also know as medical professional liability insurance.  Very few physicians have the resources available to pay a settlement that can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars plus the legal expenses can cost more or as much as the settlement.

What kind of malpractice insurance policy should I purchase?

Malpractice policies come in 2 different covers, occurrence-based and claims made.  An occurrence policy provides coverage against incidents that occurred during the policy period regardless of when the claim was made.  A claims made policy covers the physicians for any incidents that happened during the policy period as long as the claim is filed during the policy term and within the retroactive date.

Claims made policies are usually less expensive than an occurrence policy.  For this reason a physician purchasing his own malpractice insurance will choose to buy a claims-made policy.  However if a physician knows that he maybe changing employment and malpractice insurance he may want to compare prices of purchasing tail coverage on his claims made policy and the cost of an occurrence policy. The physician can also try and negotiate his retro active coverage as part of his new employment.

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Dental Malpractice Insurance


What is Dental Malpractice Insurance?

Dental malpractice insurance also known as dental professional liability insurance is purchased to protect a dentist from the consequences of a claim of alleged negligence.

Why do I need dental malpractice insurance?

For all of their years of schooling and expertise, dentists must be realistic and prepared to face claims that can arise due to supposed mistakes made during treatment.  For a marginal price, they can protect themselves from potential damages.

What can I expect to pay for dental malpractice insurance?

Insurance Innovations offers a variety of affordable plans and encourage dental professionals to use our online application to secure the right policy.

Does my general liability provide the same protection?

General liability insurance does not cover for professional liability.  However, dentist can opt to add GL to their dental professional liability, and enjoy greater liability coverage with one common renewal date.  This package protects for injury or property damage claims against the dentist or their practice.

Why Insurance Innovations?

Since 1999, Insurance Innovations has worked to find medical professionals the best and most affordable Malpractice Insurance Policies available. Insurance Innovations writes in all 50 states.  We have AM Best “A” Rated Carriers, Claims Made and Occurrence policies along with discounts for qualifying professionals. We serve Dentist Corporations, Endodontic, Forensic Dentistry, General Dentistry, Oral Pathology, Orthodontics, Pediatric Dentistry, Periodontics, Prosthodontics, Public Health Dentistry and Sports Dentistry.