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Patient Safety – Ten Leading Strategies

Medical Malpractice Insurance



A report published by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), highlights 10 key principles for increasing patient safety. The report says improvements have been made in certain areas, such as falls, central line infections, and surgical complications.  But it also says we have a long way to go in keeping patients safe.

The 10 strategies that are strongly recommended.

These 10 strategies can greatly improve patient safety and save lives by preventing harmful events such as medication errors, bed sores, and health care-associated infections.

  1. Preoperative  and anesthesia checklists to prevent operative and postoperative events
  2. Bundles that include checklists to prevent central line-associated bloodstream infections
  3. Interventions to reduce urinary catheter use, including catheter reminders, stop orders, or nurse-initiated removal protocols
  4. Bundles that include head-of-bed elevation, sedation vacation,  oral care with chlorhexidine,and subglottic suctioning endotracheal tubes to prevent ventilator-associated pneumonia
  5. Hand Hygiene
  6. The do-not-use list for hazardous abbreviations
  7. Multicomponent interventions to reduce pressure ulcers
  8. Barrier precautions to prevent healthcare-associated infections
  9. Use of real-time ultrasonography for central line placement
  10. Interventions to improve prophylaxis for venous thromboembolisms.

View the full findings on the Infection Control Today (ICT) site.

As a physician, what steps do you currently take to enhance your patient’s safety?

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Dental Malpractice Insurance


What is Dental Malpractice Insurance?

Dental malpractice insurance also known as dental professional liability insurance is purchased to protect a dentist from the consequences of a claim of alleged negligence.

Why do I need dental malpractice insurance?

For all of their years of schooling and expertise, dentists must be realistic and prepared to face claims that can arise due to supposed mistakes made during treatment.  For a marginal price, they can protect themselves from potential damages.

What can I expect to pay for dental malpractice insurance?

Insurance Innovations offers a variety of affordable plans and encourage dental professionals to use our online application to secure the right policy.

Does my general liability provide the same protection?

General liability insurance does not cover for professional liability.  However, dentist can opt to add GL to their dental professional liability, and enjoy greater liability coverage with one common renewal date.  This package protects for injury or property damage claims against the dentist or their practice.

Why Insurance Innovations?

Since 1999, Insurance Innovations has worked to find medical professionals the best and most affordable Malpractice Insurance Policies available. Insurance Innovations writes in all 50 states.  We have AM Best “A” Rated Carriers, Claims Made and Occurrence policies along with discounts for qualifying professionals. We serve Dentist Corporations, Endodontic, Forensic Dentistry, General Dentistry, Oral Pathology, Orthodontics, Pediatric Dentistry, Periodontics, Prosthodontics, Public Health Dentistry and Sports Dentistry.

Fireman’s Fund Celebrates 150 Years

We are happy to announce that our long-time insurance partner
and carrier, Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company (FFIC), celebrated their sesquicentennial anniversary on Monday,
May 6th, 2013.

In honor of their first 150 years in the business, let’s take
a step back in time with Fireman’s Fund by viewing an interactive timeline and brief video they created
for this special occasion. The film explores their beginnings in 1863 through their more recent green insurance efforts, and, not surprisingly, their ongoing commitment to firefighters.

Fireman’s Fund has clearly come a long way in their century and a half in the business, and remnants of
the business continue to travel, literally. According to Don Jergler at Insurance Journal, Fireman’s Fund‘s anniversary festivities began at the Old Mint in San Francisco, California, with a number of historic items on display, which ultimately made their way around the country as a “traveling exhibit.”

Jergler also had an opportunity to speak with Fireman’s Fund President and CEO Lori Fouché at the event in San Francisco. Visit the Insurance Journal site to watch or read the interview.

At Insurance Innovations, we are proud of our own history with Fireman’s Fund. For more than a decade, we have been partnering with them to provide dental professionals with affordable and dependable dental professional liability coverage.

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Dental Professionals: Are You Stressed?

As stress awareness month draws to a close, we have a few words
of wisdom for our dental professionals from Mark Hillman, Ph.D.’s web article. A licensed mental health counselor and author, he says there are many causes for stress among dental professionals today, citing advances in the field; trends, such as the growing popularity of cosmetic dentistry; and evolving rules and regulations governing the discipline as just a few of the culprits.

In response, dentists and dental professionals must learn to actively participate in industry changes, he advises, and come up with a plan for implementing them within their office. “This will provide a basis for building real consensus…and a creative environment for strategic thinkers in control of their future,” he explains.

Taking actions such as this to reduce stress in the work environment, he explains, not only positively impacts
the overall dental practice and employees, but can also improve the patient experience.

On a more personal level, he recommends a few techniques, such as using progressive relaxation to relieve physical tensions. Another process known as “thought-stopping” can help dental professionals, he says, void
their minds of disturbing thoughts before they grow into similar, unpleasant emotions. “If the thoughts can
be controlled,” he explains, “overall stress levels can be reduced significantly.”


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Hiring & Retention Tips For Dentists

Linda Miles, Founder of Linda Miles & Associates, says employers shouldn’t focus so much on finding winning employees, but in developing them.

An author and lecturer with more than 30 years experience in the dental practice management field, Miles shared some of the tricks
of her trade in a recent video interview with
She recommends, for example, that employers begin their search with a targeted title and job description, emphasizing the traits desired in a potential candidate, while downplaying the benefits.

Additionally, Miles cited a number of sources for finding talent, which includes dental sales representatives, who can often provide excellent leads on colleagues that may be interested in making a career change.

Watch the entire video to learn more about her strategies for building and retaining a team, as well as the four R’s of motivation.

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help you


April is Stress Awareness Month

Every April, for more than 20 years, Health Resource Network, Inc. (HRN), a non-profit organization devoted to helping people successfully handle stress, has been sponsoring National Stress Awareness Month.

Get into the spirit by sampling some techniques for stress-free living from Personal Development Coach Simona Rich, which include getting a good night’s sleep, healthy eating and exercise. She also suggests focusing on priorities and objectives, and cutting down on multi-tasking. Read here to find out why.

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Good Advice for Travel Agencies

In a recent article published on Travel Pulse, Jeff Miller, an attorney who specializes in travel law, recommends that “all travel agencies have some form of business plan in place” and be fully cognizant of the legal concerns related to the plan, particularly as their agency grows in revenue and size.

He also advises agencies to consult their financial and tax advisors when making business determinations and to obtain travel agency E&O insurance coverage. Read more.

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