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May is Mental Health Month


What Month is Mental Health Month? May!

Healthcare professionals need to take care of themselves.  Since May is Mental Health Awareness month we would like to list a few simple ways to improve your mental health and reduce stress.




  1. Walk Outside.  Skip the gym and head for the great outdoors.  Exercising is a great boost to your mental health going for a walk or run outside can give you even more health benefits.
  2. Take vitamin B-12.  You are always helping your patients but do you take your own advise?  Studies have shown that sever deficiency of B-12 can lead to depression, anxiety and more harmful problems.
  3. Set Simple Goals.  Set goals for yourself.  Such as I will take two minutes each day to focus on breathing and be specific as possible.  Once you’ve accomplished that goal, reward yourself!
  4. Listen to calming music.  Not sure about this, that’s OK you can still get the anxiety reducing benefits by opting for tracks that are slow and simple.  But you may be doing your patients good by helping them to relax and reduce their anxiety while in your office.  Everyone will benefit.
  5. Use Lavender Oil.  Lavender oil has been shown to improve your sleep quality and help if you are having trouble sleeping.  Put a few drops on your pillow or try drinking a bit of lavender tea before bed to gets its health benefits.
  6. Spend money on someone else.  Your happiness level will go way up.  Your will feel happier throughout your day.  You can give small amounts of money or donate large amounts both will be perfectly effective.
  7. Meditate. We have heard this before.  Meditate for relaxation but it’s so hard to find the time.  Meditation can increase the brain’s emotional regulator and can help combat depression, anxiety, stress, insomnia and so much more.  You don’t have to meditate for long periods of time just three to five minutes to start will give you health benefits and get you comfortable with the silence. Maybe this should be one of your simple goals to meditate at least three to five minutes a day.
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Administrative Professionals We Thank You.

Today is Administrative Professionals’ Day, with the rest of the week (April 21-27) also dedicated to acknowledging administrative professionals.

This is an ideal occasion to show your administrative employees that you appreciate them. So why not consider taking them out to lunch, buying them flowers or a professional gift as a token of your gratitude. But don’t stop there…

A recent survey conducted by Office Team, an administrative and office staffing group, showed that 94% of senior managers said “their administrative professional is important to their success at work.” With this and other related findings, they not surprisingly advocate for keeping these integral employees satisfied by recognizing their contributions and accomplishments throughout the year.

Read more about how you can acknowledge your administrative professional today, this week and all year long..

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Hiring & Retention Tips For Dentists

Linda Miles, Founder of Linda Miles & Associates, says employers shouldn’t focus so much on finding winning employees, but in developing them.

An author and lecturer with more than 30 years experience in the dental practice management field, Miles shared some of the tricks
of her trade in a recent video interview with
She recommends, for example, that employers begin their search with a targeted title and job description, emphasizing the traits desired in a potential candidate, while downplaying the benefits.

Additionally, Miles cited a number of sources for finding talent, which includes dental sales representatives, who can often provide excellent leads on colleagues that may be interested in making a career change.

Watch the entire video to learn more about her strategies for building and retaining a team, as well as the four R’s of motivation.

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