Worker’s Compensation Insurance

Workman’s Compensation Insurance

Workmans-Compensation-InsuranceFor employers, who commit so much of their finances and time to building their business, risks are high stake and personal.

They deserve an insurance policy worthy of their investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is worker’s compensation insurance?
Worker’s compensation insurance covers the employer against injuries or illnesses that employees incur while on the job.

Why do I need worker’s compensation insurance?
An employer has a tremendous amount of responsibility for the safety of their employees, and even the most secure work environment carries a certain amount of risk. Any claim has the potential to cost the employer in terms of lost business hours, and, in a worst case scenario, their reputation and finances.

What can I expect to pay for worker’s compensation insurance?
We offer a number of plans for worker’s compensation insurance, which is now required in most states for employers with as little as one employee. Contact us directly during normal business hours or request a quote through our online form.

Doesn’t my general liability insurance provide the same protection?
No, employers who carry only general liability insurance will not be protected for worker’s compensation claims.