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Managing Patient Complaints and Improving Satisfaction


The goal of most physicians and dentists is to have their practice operate efficiently.  But we all know patient complaints are inevitable.  Unfortunately not all patient complaints are handled correctly causing unfavorable consequences making complaint management a priority in all practices.


A patient’s positive view of their experience contributes to their satisfaction and overall experience. While there are many components to a patients satisfaction, their main concern is the relationship with their healthcare provider.  Patients count on the quality of care and trust from their dentists or physicians.

However a patients satisfaction also includes many other aspects of their appointments such as scheduling of their dentist appointment.  Or even the ease of parking at their physician’s office.  A patient may even notice how comfortable or inviting the physician’s office is.  But the most often complaints are made about how the patient feels about the way they were treated more than the medical skills of their dentist or physician.


For dentist and physicians offices this feedback is an opportunity to understand the patient’s experience and use the information provided as a means to strengthen and improve the practice and relationship with their patients. Most of the time complaints are made because the patient wants to speak with their healthcare provider for some kind of explanation, an apology, or reassurance.

Dealing with complaints is a powerful and different process for each dentist or physician.  If a complaint is dealt with promptly and effectively a dentist or physician can develop loyal patients, and improve patient outcomes.  Dealing with complaints can positively impact the overall performance of  a practice as well as reduce costs involved with handling complaints.  Well managed complaints reduce stress and staff turnover.  Dealing with complaints effectively can prevent these complaints from becoming formal legal claims.

Your can read the complete article on managing patient complaints here in the TMLT REPORTER

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