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What Does Dental Malpractice Insurance Cover?

Dental Malpractice Insurance

Do you need Dental Malpractice Insurance?
Consider these perspectives:

  1.  As the Medical Malpractice Survival Handbook 2007 put it, “Liability claims for alleged dental malpractice have been somewhat ‘under the radar’ compared to medicine. However, dentists are held to the same set of rules as physicians and other health professionals with regard to the tort of malpractice, the most common legal theory used by plaintiff patients to secure remuneration for alleged wrongs.”
  2.  A Yahoo1 article on the subject listed some of the dental malpractice cases in which the plaintiffs took a large monetary award: complications from work on crowns and bridges; extraction of teeth; failure to detect oral cancer or other disease; and nerve injury including numbness of the tongue.

A Business Priority

Dental malpractice insurance, then, becomes not just a casual consideration but a business priority for today’s practicing dental professionals.

This type of insurance doesn’t replace your general liability; in fact, general Liability can be added to your Dental Professional Liability policy.

  • For instance, while general liability protects your practice against claims stemming from personal or property damage, dental malpractice insurance is the coverage needed for claims of negligence, violation of good faith, or inaccurate diagnosis or advice.
  • And even when the suit brought against your practice is groundless, the resulting legal actions can drain your finances. Not every malpractice claim is issued in a timely manner. Make sure you don’t have a lapse in coverage by keeping a retro-active date on your claims-made policy or keep your occurrence policy active. 

Getting Coverage is Easy

Acquiring good dental malpractice insurance is not a difficult process. You can turn to a proven insurance management agency who partners with leading insurance carriers. This service gives you the resources to obtain instant quotes online for specialties including general dentistry, orthodontics, periodontics and prosthodontics. From there, you can have your coverage confirmed and issued within minutes from your home or office computer.

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